Humanity needs its TRUE HEROES! 

We look for the inventors, the passionate problem solvers, and

the hustlers focused on building long lasting climate solutions.


If you are dedicated to solving the earth’s most urgent problem,

if you want to create a better future, we want to work with you.


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About us

We are a virtual global Innovation lab accelerating and delivering effective solutions to humanity's greatest challenge, Fighting Climate Change.

Our Crowd Wisdom platform harnesses knowledge, capital, and networks for the purpose of developing new ideas of our inventors community, accelerating them to tangible, ready to deploy solutions and to maximize positive environmental impact. 


In our eyes, today’s inventors are tomorrow’s hero’s.

Maximizing knowledge and resources of the crowds 

Global call for all inventors

Screening and Scoring

Mentorship and finance

Green Swan Lab Acceleration Program

6-18 months.

IP Marketplace

For Climate Change Solutions.

IP Licensing 

For immediate deployment and impact.
Global analyst of network.

Interdisciplinary network of experts

Leveraging global knowledge for initial screening and scoring

We look for the best minds in every field to bring their knowledge and expertise in screening and evaluating. Implemental solutions for our Climate Crisis.


Join forces with us in finding tomorrow’s Hero’s.

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 Sea level 

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 CO2 Emission 

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Core investment committee

Nobel Prize Winner

Physics Prof. 2020 IL Prize Winner

Nasa VP Engineering

Climate Change Leading Experts

Leading IP Patent Scientist

Chief Scientist at Word Climate Change Forum

Network of Finance Sources

Green Swan Lab

Crowd Finance

Governments Support

and Sponsorships

Green Swan Lab Acceleration Program 

6-18 month, funding, technical development and transfer facilitate.

IP Market place

Are you a company looking for innovative ideas?

 We connect you with innovative ideas, talent and solutions from all over the world.

IP Development

Deployment and impact with our industrial partners.


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